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About Us

Passionate indirect tax, Transfer Pricing and IT Professionals who can help you manage risks and streamline your business and IT processes.

Martijn van Hoof

Martijn van Hoof

Managing Partner
Indirect Tax

Monica Erasmus

Monica Erasmus

Managing Partner
Transfer Pricing

Frederik Vinks

Frederik Vinks

Managing Partner
Transfer Pricing

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The team

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Transfer Pricing!

The reality of today is that Transfer Pricing intersects increasingly with business, finance, systems and Indirect Taxes. At the same time, governments around the globe demand more transparency and information from multinational companies, increasing the risk of controversy. With all of this going on, companies are not only faced with an increased risk of double taxation, but also a significant increase in Transfer Pricing compliance.

We appreciate that you do not want your profits to be taxed twice, or even more. Or your tax team to waste resources on time-consuming, recurring, mundane compliance tasks, distracting them from the most crucial role they have: bridging the strategic and operational questions from business and finance to a Transfer Pricing and/or tax regulatory context.

What we do

Align business and tax models: Design a TP model with practical guidance for businesspeople to understand how to comply with a consistent Transfer Pricing profile, while respecting the everyday business reality.

Explain restructuring and get it to stick: Perform business restructuring analysis and provide the business with rational, realistic options, Transfer Pricing structuring techniques, and exit valuations, as well as implementing financial reporting and compliance processes.

Dialogue with tax authorities: Support your dialogue with tax authorities for (B)APAs, innovationbox rulings and Transfer Pricing audits.

Reliable financial reporting: Design and implement workflows between finance and tax departments, (re)design ERP retrieval files and spreadsheets to monitor profitability, and create TP dashboards.

TP documentation: Design and prepare Transfer Pricing documentation and digitize documentation and workflow where necessary.

What we know

We understand the drivers and architecture of business models, as well as how they translate to Transfer Pricing models. We have in-depth experience embedding these Transfer Pricing models in a company’s governance, processes and technology. Our team of senior TP professionals not only has extensive industry and Big Four Transfer Pricing/tax experience, but also experience on how to use current technological capability to make Transfer Pricing compliance easier.


Transfer Pricing Responsibilities

Align Business and Tax Strategy

Real economic activity drives profit allocation, and therefore taxation. This means a group must have a clear script on how the Target Operating Model (TOM) aligns with the Transfer Pricing Policy (TPP) and Transactional Model (TM).

Reliable Financial Reporting

TP reporting requires system and manual activities to set and adjust product prices, monitor statutory profitability of operational reporting units, and perform Transfer Pricing adjustments when required.

TP Compliance Through Documentation

Most countries require a write up of the TOM, TPP and TM, as well as third-party benchmarking to substantiate the intercompany pricing. The proposed OECD Master and Local File approach provides the opportunity to standardize across countries.


What we offer is our best. Our promise to you is that you will receive nothing less than that.
Check out our services and contact us to start the conversation!


We are a full-service Transfer Pricing consultancy, and welcome your most challenging Transfer Pricing, IT, supply chain and compliance questions. We listen well and speak freely, and have the flexibility and tools to prove our solutions.


We leverage without bias on the technology available in the market, we further refine existing solutions, or we create our own like our Transfer Pricing document management tool: TPThings. Through our products and those of our business partners, we embrace the future of tax technology.


Sometimes the dialogue has to be sharpened within a company to bridge business and finance on what is needed to adhere to a consistent TP model. We offer workshops and trainings to facilitate the discussion, share best practices and update on technical developments.

In-house Support

We offer in-house TP accounting support when your own resources get “strained” by the amount of work during your recurring financial reporting cycle. We provide the necessary support with your annual TP documentation updates keeping the timing of your filing requirements in mind.



Your TP documentation management solution

Using the latest tools and infrastructure available, TPThings has built its own SaaS solution: a modular setup providing a turn-key solution built from individual components, with a database that can be securely hosted by us, or in your own datacenter. The software is aimed at the following:

  • Automation/workflow: automates and controls the creation of intercompany agreements, master- and local files, as well as the review and sign-off of processes.
  • Repeatable modules: manages the actual modular creation of master- and local files, assembly and delivery of data for the master and local files.
  • E-signature/approval: enables parties to securely sign an intercompany agreement.
  • Repository: supports collection of digital agreements.
  • Identify: provides identity proofing for all participants (inside and outside the company).
  • Audit history: full, tamper-proof audit trail of tasks and version control that meets evidentiary standards.
  • Enterprise Administration & Control: enables enterprise provisioning, permissioning, management, and reporting.

Contact us today to see a demonstration of the tool, have a conversation about your vendor selection process, or simply talk about TPThings' functionalities!

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